Who we are

A stroke happens every five minutes in the UK; it is a leading cause of disability and the fourth single leading cause of death in the UK. The Stroke Association is the UK’s leading stroke charity dedicated to conquering stroke.

We believe in life after stroke. That’s why we support stroke survivors to make the best recovery they can. It’s why we campaign for better stroke care. And it’s why we fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke.Together we can conquer stroke.


Where does the money go?

Last year

  • We approved £3.65 million worth of research grants to fund the next big breakthroughs of the future.
  • Our stroke services helped 66,457 stroke survivors rebuild their lives and regain their independence.
  • We gave out £230,000 in Life After Stroke Grants to help hundreds of stroke survivors to adapt to their new lives.
  • Nearly 60,000 people across the UK benefited from the vital advice and information provided by our website and factsheets.
  • 20,000 people across the UK benefited from the emotional support and guidance of our Stroke helpline.
  • 428 Stroke Association funded clubs and groups helped reduce the feeling of isolation for stroke survivors every day.




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